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Terms & Conditions :

1. The passport validity period of more than six months from the date of arrival and the old passport.

2. Recent color photograph size of 3.5 x 4.5 = 2 pieces, with a white background, and prints on paper photo     prints, the print quality is good and clear appearance at zoom 70% advance and must be visible ears.

3. Letter sponsor the English language on letterhead company where you were working. If there is another person / family members that are traveling then included the name and status of the person.

  • If the post of General Manager, Director, President, or the Commissioner must include a copy of TIN and License.
  • If you have your own business and no company letterhead, the letter typed on plain white paper with a stamp in the store and include a copy of TIN and License of the company.
  • If sponsored by a child then attach a copy of child's birth certificate to prove the relationship with the person that will departure.
  • If sponsored by the son/daughter-in-law then attach a copy of a marriage certificate and birth certificates for the children who can prove the relationship.
  • If the status of the retirement letter was typed on plain white paper and signed by his own.

4. Proof of financial last 3 months in the form of a copy of your bank statement or passbook (the copy must be from the front page that mention the name and account number of the account owner, to the last page of the transaction) and must have at least Rp. 50 Million / person.

5. Copy of Family Card + ID CARD

6. A copy of a marriage certificate.

7. If the name that listed on the passport is different from the name that listed on the Family Card or ID CARD,  

    then attach a copy of name-change letter.

8. If the child is traveling and still join the school, then attach:

  • A copy of student card
  • The original certificate school
  • Copy of birth certificate

9.  Print out of the ticket reservation.

10. Confirmation of the hotel, while travelling in Europe.

11. Travel insurance that is valid for the duration of stay in Europe, and the sum insured is minimum USD        

      50.000 or EURO 30.000

12. If there is an invitation from the French endorsed by the mayor, must complete photocopy of the passport,   

      and an affidant from the inviter.

13. Form fully completed and signed by the applicant. For children who do not have ID CARDS form must be

      signed by both parents.



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